Foals 2019

Ecclestone Valley Bobbie McGee (Sold)

DOB 23.03.19
Sire – Quarter Moon Half Dollar (Imp USA)
Dam – Clovercrest Bobbie Jo (Imp NZ)

Cute and cheeky little guy for Bobbie Jo and Half Dollar.



These two boys Frodo and Bobbie McGee were born one day apart. Its just such a joy to know they will be two little geldings living their future life together. Their new owners came to visit the morning Bobbie McGee was born. He was only 5 hours old. And they repeated the visit the next day to meet Frodo. A wonderful outcome and knowing the pleasure they will bring their owners is what makes breeding these delightful animals such a fulfilling pleasure.


Ecclestone Valley Frodo (Sold)

DOB 24.03.2019
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp NZ)
Dam – Tantillus Pippin (Imp NZ)

Oh Pippin I do love these classic grey donkeys and you and Satchmo have produced a perfect little dot. He’s thick, stocky and little, just delightful.



Ecclestone Valley Padgett (Sold)

DOB 11.11.19
Sire – Quarter Moon Half Dollar (Imp USA)
Dam – Ecclestone Valley Paella



Ecclestone Valley Ginger Megs (Sold)

DOB 18.11.2019
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp USA)
Dam – Winterwood’s Mimi

Mimi has given us her fourth girl! Little Megs is a stunner and the spitting image of her 2018 sister little Miss Showbaby.

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IMG_0262 (1)