I first fell in love with miniature donkeys when visiting a miniature farm some years ago. A tiny hand reared Miniature Mediterranean Donkey ran out of the shed and jumped into the arms of her owner. After meeting her and all her other donkey counterparts on the farm I knew I not only wanted to own one of these rare and unique creatures but I also wanted to breed them so others could experience the pleasure and delight they give to all who meet or own them.

All foals at Ecclestone Valley are handled from birth ensuring exceptional natures and friendly, manageable and adorable pets – spending time with these babies is not a chore but is an irresistible past time. For those unaware, donkeys are an absolute delight. They are charming, endearing and docile and revel in human company giving unconditional returns of affection to their owners. We at Ecclestone Valley believe these donkeys make the perfect paddock pet and have found them to be truly life enriching.

Our aim at Ecclestone Valley is to breed classic Miniature Mediterranean donkeys true to the original type. Some of our stock trace right back to the first donkeys imported into America from Sicily and Sardinia. Good conformation is paramount but perfect temperaments to match is our top priority. We feel it important to keep our stud small to ensure all our stock are able to receive all the care and attention they so rightly deserve.

Ecclestone Valley is situated in the picturesque Tamar Valley, just 10 minutes from the city centre of Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Website last updated: 4th December 2020

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Ecclestone Valley Miniature Donkeys

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