Foals 2018

Ecclestone Valley Red Rock “Rocco” (Sold)

D.O.B 29.01.2018
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp NZ)
Dam – Cyder’s Red Violet (Imp USA)

Another quality red boy for Violet and Satchmo. This little guy is showing all the attributes for a great herd sire. He will be for sale as such to either a knowledgeable home or one that is willing to learn all that is needed to accommodate a breeding jack.



Ecclestone Valley Pink Knight (Sold)

D.O.B. 03.05.2018
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp NZ)
Dam – Joy’s Kiss of Karina

Such a pretty boy for Karina and Satchmo. He is such a pale red we had to call him Pink Knight. How fitting that he is going to Marianne and Peter Pink of Donkey Tales Farm Cottages as a super future stud jack and his paddock name will be Mr Pink. Can’t wait to see great offspring from Mr Pink (the donkey) in years to come.



Ecclestone Valley Prince Harry (Sold)

D.O.B. 18.05.18
Sire – Quarter Moon Half Dollar
Dam – Winterwood’s Delilah

So named Prince Harry due to being born the morning before the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. Being the redhead he is we just could not resist. He is absolutely divine. Such heavy boning, lovely straight legs, big bright expressive eyes and a beautiful head to match.
Prince Harry will be travelling as a future herd sire to Cherry Bank Stud in New Zealand after weaning. He will be a total new line for New Zealand. Congratulations Beth McVery we are sure Harry will not disappoint.



Ecclestone Valley The Duchess (Meghan) (Sold)

D.O.B. 19.05.2018
Sire – Quarter Moon Half Dollar ( Imp USA)
Dam – Ecclestone Valley Paella

Well after Prince Harry arriving the day before the big royal wedding this little poppet arrived about a half an hour before Meghan Markle arrived at the steps of St George’s Chapel. What could we possibly call her but The Duchess or Meghan or Megs for short! Another great little donkey with a typical Half Dollar head.

To make things even more perfect Meghan is travelling to New Zealand with Prince Harry after weaning to reside with him at Cherrybank Stud. They won’t be making babies together, however Meghan too will add to the gene pool in NZ.



Meghan and Harry




IMG_5010 (1)

Ecclestone Valley Little Lilli Lulu (Sold)

D.O.B. 06.10.2018
Sire – Quarter Moon Half Dollar (Imp USA)
Dam – Ecclestone Valley Emmy Lou

Gosh, we are so excited to welcome our first Half Dollar baby from a Satchmo daughter and a first baby for our dear Emmy Lou. Little Lilli Lulu is exceptional and we are very excited to see more babies from this lovely cross. And well done to Emmy Lou for being such a wonderful mum, very caring but also very relaxed.



Ecclestone Valley Little Miss Show Baby (Retained)

D.O.B. 12.10.2018
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp NZ)
Dam – Winterwood’s Mimi

A delightful welcome to Missie. She has been named Little Miss Show Baby in honour and in memory of her gorgeous grandmother and mother of our herd sire Clovercrest Satchmo, Ass-Pirin Acres Show Baby. Show Baby was imported from USA into New Zealand by Peter and Marion van Dijk and was admired by many. Her legacy lives on her beautiful progeny. Little Miss Show baby has a big name to live up to but we are confident she may be able to do just that.



Ecclestone Valley Izzabella (Sold)

DOB 21.10.2018
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo ( Imp NZ)
Dam – Clovercrest La Bella Donna ( Imp NZ)

This little girl is just delightful. We are so thrilled to see another quality girl from Bella this time Satchmo as sire. Mother’s pretty head is certainly shining through.



Ecclestone Valley Mosi (Sold)

DOB 22.10.2018
Sire – Quarter Moon Half Dollar
Dam – Ecclestone Valley Madalaina

Very relieved after the birth of this big boy for our hand raised Madalaina. Being rejected by her own mother at birth we were concerned that Maddie would do the same to her first born. The birth was difficult adding to fears she would reject. What a relief to see her nuzzling and soon after nursing her beautiful boy almost straight after his birth. The name Mosi is of Swahili origin meaning “the first Born”



Ecclestone Valley Pinot Taboola (Sold)

DOB 18.11.2018
Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo
Dam – Ecclestone Valley Tallulah

Another almost clone of herself for Tallulah with Satchmo as sire. But this little guy is a very pretty pale pink or perhaps mushroom would best describe him. We do love Tallulah’s babies.