Our jennies are well loved pets and are treated with respect and sensitivity at all times ensuring for a contented little herd. In keeping with our aim to breed only the classic Miniature Mediterranean Donkey plus in keeping with the National Miniature Donkey Association of America breed type we expect our present Jennies to produce foals which will mature at between 31″ and 34″ in height and to have quality babies with good strong bone, good conformation, with friendly, well adjusted temperaments and dispositions.
To reach this goal of breed type over the years we have rather reluctantly had to part with a few of our dear, faithful and original Jennies – These girls are now on our Sold Jennies page.
Colour is not our main prerogative but with our jack Clovercrest Satchmo and most of current girls carrying the red gene we are very happy to be producing some nice quality red donkeys.
Below are all our present Jennies pictured with their respective foals.

Cyder’s Red Violet
100% AMMD     (Imp USA)    ht 33″

Sire – Lazy Nissen Foxworthy     ht 31 1/4″
Dam – Cyder’s Cherokee     ht 34 1/2″

Although our dear Cyders Red Violet is no longer with us she deserves top honours on our Jenny page and will stay here in her memory.

RIP Violet 28.02.2018 xxoo

Originally imported from USA to Clovercrest stud, New Zealand, and joining us in March 2012- Red Violet is daughter of the well known multi champion American jack Lazy Nissen Foxworthy. Her colour is magnificent – a brilliant, vibrant red. Violet makes an exceptional and exciting addition to our stud with her pedigree (her lines trace back to the original imports into America), conformation, colour and temperament all being outstanding.

Click HERE to see Violet’s complete pedigree

Dear Violet has given us this perfect classic light grey dun jack foal. Antipodes is our last foal from Chateau’s Texas Ambassador – a perfect and delightful little boy.


Antipodes- March 2013

Echo of Red

Echo of Red- March 2014












Wow Violet and Satchmo the perfect combination to produce this little stunner- Echo of Red!

Red Poppy

Red Poppy- April 2015

Red Hot Ash 2016

Red Hot Ash 2016

Red Rock "Rocco"- January 2018

Red Rock “Rocco”- January 2018

Joy’s Kiss Of Karina
100% AMMD     ht 32″

Sire – Chateau’s Country Casanova (Imp NZ)     ht 30”

Dam – Chateau’s Millenium Special Angel (Imp NZ)  ht 33”


Sweet natured and very elegant Karina joined us at Ecclestone Valley in 2009. Karina carries the NLP gene from her sire Chateau’s Casanova. We were excited in anticipation to meet her first born foal to Clovercrest Satchmo and couldn’t be more impressed with the arrival of Sirocco. He is an exceptional little boy with a sweet dainty head and wonderful conformation all round. We expect Karina to continue to produce special little babes of this quality.

Click HERE to view Karina’s complete pedigree

Sirocco- October 2011










Introducing Kosmo – another star quality jack foal from Karina and Satchmo. A lovely red with big star this little boy is all class.

Kosmo- March 2013

Kosmo- March 2013

Katerina- September 2014

Katerina- September 2014









At last a gorgeous little red girl for Karina!

Cozzi - March 2016

Cozzi – March 2016

Kallista Moon- April 2017

Kallista Moon- April 2017

Pink Knight- May 2018

Pink Knight- May 2018

Grawood Porsha
100% AMMD   ht 32 1/4”

Sire – Chateau’s Millenium Romulus (Imp. NZ)     ht 33”
Dam – Ass-pirin Acres Shania ( Imp. USA)     ht 29 1/2”

Porsha is our very special and precious girl. She carries 100% American lines and is of stocky drafty type. We were absolutely thrilled with her long awaited first baby Ecclestone Valley Zebedee born 2008, but even more delighted with her Jenny foal Paella born in 2010. Paella has been retained to enhance the future quality breeding stock of Ecclestone Valley.

Click HERE to view Porsha’s complete pedigree


Zebedee- July 2007


Paella- October 2010










And Porsha has done it again giving us a perfect little classic grey Jenny- Ophelia Rose.

Ophelia Rose

Ophelia Rose- October 2013

Imogen 2016

Imogen- 2016

Clovercrest Bobbie Jo
100% AMMD (Imp NZ) ht 33 1/4″

Sire – Country Music’s Spade Cooley (Imp USA) ht 31 1/2″
Dam – Country Music Billie Jo Spears (Imp USA) ht 31 1/2″










Bobbie Jo is from the famous American Country Music Lines. Her Sire Country Music’s Spade Cooley and Dam Country Music’s Billie Jo Spears are both multi-award winning champions, Billie Jo twice winning national supreme mini donkey. Bobbie Jo has done exceptionally well in the show ring as a weanling, the most prestigious award being Overall Champion beating Clovercrest’s own National Supreme mini donkey Slendors Nestle and the Canadian Mammoth import Windy Ridge Black Mariah.

Click HERE to see Bobbie Jo’s complete pedigree


Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou- March 2014

As highly anticipated Bobbie Jo and Satchmo have produced an exceptional little babe. Very small and superb conformation. We love her!

Bo- October 2015

Bo- October 2015

Banjo 2016

Banjo- 2016

Ecclestone Valley Tallulah
87.5% AMMD ht 31 1/12″

Sire- Chateau’s Texas Ambassador ht 32 1/4 ”
Dam- Taranganba Tanika ht 34″

In foal to Clovercrest Satchmo due December 2018

Tallulah is so sweet! She is stocky with lovely conformation. I love her light silver grey colour and she has a nice thick curly coat in winter. Being 87.5% AMMD Tallulah’s foals will be registered 100% AMMD. Hopefully early 2014 will see our first foal from Tallulah.

Click HERE to see Tallulah’s complete pedigree

Just as we expected an exceptional little man from Tallulah and Satchmo. He’s tiny stocky and square with fantastic conformation. His colouring unusual – like his mum but more red than her.


Tabasco- September 2013


Sophia- October 2014









Fantastic! Sophia- A little girl clone of Tallulah’s boy last year. What more could we ask for!

"Tao" April 2016 A third gorgeous clone of herself for Tallulah

Tao- April 2016
A third gorgeous clone of herself for Tallulah

Torah- November 2017

Torah- November 2017

Ecclestone Valley Paella
100% AMMD ht 32″

Sire- Joy’s Rock of Jasper 30 1/4 ”
Dam- Grawood Porsha 32 1/4″

In foal to Quarter Moon Half Dollar – due May 2018


Click HERE to view Paella’s complete pedigree

How proud I am with Porsha and Jasper to have produced this divine classic little Miniature Mediterranean girl. She carries Jasper’s lovely head and neat body.









We have waited 5 years for Pealla’s first baby and the wait has certainly been worth it! A dear little red jenny Phoebe.

IMG_9116 (2)

Phoebe- October 2015

Phoebe- October 2015












Peregrin 2017

Peregrin 2017

The Duchess  (Meghan) - May 2018

The Duchess (Meghan) – May 2018

Winterwood Mimi
100% AMMD ht 31 3/4″

Sire- Sheloyd’s Canadian Tracker Imp USA 32 1/2″
Dam- Heikan’s Ark Annabelle Imp USA 32″

In foal to Clovercrest Satchmo – due September 2018

Our little treasure. I think Mimi is divine. With her dam and sire both being imported her lines are unique in Australia. I have been wanting this lovely light red colour in a small, quality Miniature Mediterranean for some time and I thank Bruce and Judy Rigg of Winterwood so much for letting us have Mimi.

Click HERE to see Mimi’s complete Pedigree


As some what expected Mimi has delivered the goods. A perfect little red jenny for her first baby. Absolutely delighted with her!

MIa- April 2016

Mia- April 2016

Million Dollar Baby- May 2017

Million Dollar Baby- May 2017

Little Miss Show Baby - October 2018

Little Miss Show Baby – October 2018










Winterwood Delilah
100% AMMD Ht 31 1/4″

Sire – Sheloy’s Canadian Tracker (Imp Canada) ht 32 1/2″
Dam – Stoney Acres Jezebel (imp USA) ht 32″

In foal to Quarter Moon Half Dollar – due May 2018

Oh how proud we are to now own another Winterwood Jenny by Sheloy’s Canadian Tracker. Delilah carries his amazing eye and expression along with beautiful conformation and a superb little head plus of course has a beautiful nature. Again a huge thank you to Bruce and Judy Rigg for breeding another gorgeous girl and entrusting her to me.

Click HERE for Delilah’s complete pedigree


Dollar’s Dash (Dasha) 2017

Dollar’s Dash (Dasha) 2017

I knew this was possible but never suspected a gorgeous red head from Half Dollar and Delilah. What a wonderful plus for this already exceptional little boy.
Prince Harry - 18.05.2018

Prince Harry – May 2018

Clovercrest La Bella Donna
100% AMMD (Imp NZ) ht 31 1/2

Sire – Splendor’s Nestle Special Dark (Imp USA) ht 32 1/2″
dam – Country Music’s Billie Jo Spears (Imp USA) 31 1/2″

In foal to Clovercrest Satchmo – due September 2018

Thank you again Peter and Marion of Clovercrest stud in New Zealand for another classy little girl. Half sister to Bobbie Jo, her sire is the stunning multi award winning Nestle. We are thrilled to be able to bring Nestle’s lines to Australia. La Bella Donna has the same outgoing charming personality like all Billie Jo Spears babes. A delight to have on Ecclestone Valley soil.

Click HERE to see La Bella Donna’s complete Pedigree


Annabella- September 2017

Annabella- September 2017

Ecclestone Valley Madalaina
100% AMMD ht 34″

Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp NZ) Ht 31 1/4″
Dam – Ecclestone valley Mimosa 35″

In foal to Quarter Moon Half Dollar – due September 2018

Madalaina is a bit special being our hand raised girl who was rejected by her mother at birth. We have been very aware of making her know she is a donkey and she has developed into a lovely well balanced girl both mentally and physically.
She is stunning red in colour and very nice conformation. We love our Madalaina of course!

Click HERE to see Madalaina’s complete Pedigree


Ecclestone Valley Red Poppy
100% AMMD (Imp NZ)

Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo (Imp NZ) ht 31 1/4″
Dam – Winterwood’s Mimi Ht 31 3/4″


Click HERE to see Red Poppy’s complete Pedigree

Red Poppy is extra special in that she is the only Jenny foal out of our precious imported USA girl Cyder’s Red Violet. She is the brilliant red russet colour of her mum with a small star. Her pedigree full of reds and blacks. She has grown into a lovely well rounded girl. She is line bred to the rather famous and well recognised boy Lazy Nissan Foxworthy. We are so thrilled with this cross of Violet with Satchmo.
Looking forward to putting her to QM Half Dollar for a 2019 foal.

Ecclestone Valley Emmy Lou
100% AMMD Ht 31 1/2″

Sire – Clovercrest Satchmo ( imp NZ) ht 31 1/4″
Dam – Clovercrest Bobbie Jo ( Imp NZ) ht 33″


Click HERE to view Emmy Lou’s complete Pedigree

So happy to have our Bobbie Jo’s first-born foal back to Join our stud. We just love her. Perfect size at 31 1/2″. Lovely stocky build with nice wide chest. She has her mum’s beautiful eye and expression carried on through the Country Music line and is a brilliant mahogany brown in colour.
Emmy Lou is due to foal to QM Half Dollar in Sept 2018. Very excited in anticipation to meet this foal.

Elouisa - October 2018

Elouisa – October 2018

Tantillus Pippin (Imp NZ)
D.O.B. 13.11.2011 100% AMMD ht 30 1/4″

Sire – Riverside’s Sparky Magnito ( Imp USA) ht 32 1/2″
Dam – Chateau’s Sweet Dewette ht 31 1/4″


Click HERE for Pippin’s complete Pedigree

Just arrived on Australian soil from New Zealand in Feb 2018. There is something extra special with a beautiful classic grey AMMD jenny. We have for some time wanted to add another to join our stud. Pippin has it all. Beautiful head, thick set and strong boned, lovely conformation. Sired by Riverside’s Sparky Magnito of Ass Pirin Acres, The first AMMD jack to be imported to Australia and now residing with Peter and Marion van Dijk of Clovercrest stud NZ.

Bred by Dimittee Baldwin of Tantillus Stud, we thank you for this gorgeous girl.

Planning for a 2019 foal sired by Clovercrest Satchmo.